Clean up Services

Prompt and Efficient Oil Spill Cleanup Services


Commercial and industrial fuel spills are unfortunate. Oil and diesel cleanups need to be dealt with promptly and efficiently. CMV is here to help with prompt and quality service. CMV provides a wide range of fuel spill cleanup services. Oil spills are generally very messy, hazardous and environmentally threatening. Cleanup and recovery from a fuel spill is difficult and depends upon many factors, including the type of fuel spilled (oil, diesel, ...), the temperature, the surface, the location.
Whether the accidental spill occurred in oilsands, pipeline, industrial location, rail, or during a regular refueling - our Fuel Spill Response Team will provide prompt quality service.

What we do:

  • Industrial cleaning services
  • Oilfield services
  • Environmental services
  • Mechanical services
  • Scheduled Overhaul
  • Tailing Ponds Overflow, Dam walls collapse
  • Oil recycling (where possible)

Winter Thawing/De-Icing

Fort McMurray Thawing and Deicing Winter Thawing/De-Icing

During the winter, our customers frequently call us to dethaw items such as:

• Steaming frozen lines to enable liquid flow
• Steaming ice buildups
• Line and equipment thawing
• Flow lines, wellheads and tank valves
• Pipeline thawing
• Fleet vehicle
• Breaking up of ice dams