Vac/Steam Truck Services



Our equipment is specifically suited for oil, diesel, synthetic crude, and industrial cleanup equipment:

Combo Units (Vacuum truck and Steamer truck)
High pressure washing, cleaning, steaming,de-greaser sprayers for removing tough and or cold waste with various chemicals, hydro testing of vessels, snaking out lines plugged with debris or if frozen snake out with hot fluids, fluid transfers on site or off, vessel washing, etc

Vacuum Trucks (18m3 tanks)
Fluid hauling/transferring, spill clean up, assist with maintenance jobs on spill standby, assist with pigging jobs, waste removal, septic removal

Steamer Trucks
High pressure washing and cleaning, thawing of frozen lines or equipment, pressure testing of vessels, chemical cleaning with de-greasers, snaking lines

Hydro Vac Trucks
Line location, trenching and general exposure of underground facilities

Containment Tanks
Containment tanks at our disposal to temporarily hold spilt fuel